Photoshoot for Finnish queer club Lucky Juce S01E01 featuring a cast of notorious drag queens and club kids wearing costumes from Aalto Fashion department designers.

What I did: Direction, Production
Photography: Anni Laivoranta
Styling: Autuas Ukkonen. Styling Assistant: Tommi Nikkola

Coat by Henna Lampinen, Anni Salonen, Jha Vehmaanperä. Headband by I. Kamari. Gloves by Jenny Hytönen, Leevi Ikäheimo, Janette Laakso ︎︎︎
︎︎︎ Outift by Jarno Kettunen

︎︎︎ Clothing and shoes by Jim Bergström, Sophia Linden, Meri Malminen, Tiina Nissilä

︎︎︎ Shirt and shorts by Juha Vehmaanperä. Shoes by I. Kamari. Earrings by Autuas Ukkonen

︎︎︎Shirt by Arttu Åfeldt & Meri Kurki-Suonio. Pom-pom headband by Autuas Ukkonen.